Tour The Campus

Welcome to the University of __________. Our __________ campus was founded by Proper name Adjective __________ and built in 1806. We begin at our __________ building. This building houses Famous person Noun __________ classrooms. To your left, the __________ dormitory is visible just beyond Number Adjective the __________. Our students come from all over the __________ because we __________ Plant Place Adverb accept anyone who applies.

We will end the tour here at __________ hall which houses the Admissions Office. Feel free to Proper name __________ an application. __________ folks, you are in for a treat! The marching band is Verb Interjection practicing our Alma Mater, __________Notice how they march in a __________formation, it is Song title Adjective the signature move of our University.

Financial aid is available to all __________ applicants. More information is available on our Adjective website, Thank you for __________ with us today.